Saturday, April 17, 2010

Indy came to us in March 1995, just six months after we were married.
My gosh, how could we not fall in love with that face...

He was very fond of his daddy.... and his mommy too

Notice how he is eyeing the beer here... this was after a hard day working on our camp in Maine. His Uncle Richard zonked out.
And then Indy zonked out too.
In 1998 we went to Acadia and hiked and camped and hiked some more.

Here we are having fun in Maine!!
And we are all pooped out for the long ride home...

Here is Indy with our dear friends Heidi and Harry, eager to go for a ride.

Just hanging out while we are working on the camp, what a handsome boy.

And now hanging in our front yard back in Massachusetts... he would tilt his head this way. We were never sure if he was being inquisitive or if he thought we were crazy.

Now here he is with daddy relaxing after a fun filled day in Maine. We are at grandma's, one of Indy's favorite places to be!!

There are just so many pictures of Mike and Indy sleeping. I really need to get a life and take some more interesting pictures. But they certainly were a pair...

HA, another thing Indy loved to do was eat.

Almost as much as he loved to hang out and sleep, as long as nothing was going on. Here he is sleeping on my yarn as I'm knitting a blanket.

One thing Indy did not like was mommy trying to learn how to play the guitar. Here Mike has provided him some comfort by putting earmuffs on him. Everyone's a critic... when Indy starting going upstairs to bed when practice time came around, I knew it was time to find another hobby.
Here is Emma, hanging out with Indy after the Easter Egg hunt, I think this was taken in 2006.

The Easter Egg hunt is on... notice Indy in the background, trying to find some eggs of his own.

Here is Indy enjoying the beach at our place in Maine.

He would swim and swim and swim...

...and then he would just roll in the sand until he was a complete mess, and completely content!

Back home again with Lilly, the cute neighbor. What a wonderful friend she was to Indy!!!

Indy did a lot of sleeping the last year of his life, content to just be in the same room as we were.

Even in his last days Indy didn't realize his body was failing him. I'm happy for that, this picture was taken years earlier but I think this is how Indy pictured himself.
He brought us much happiness in the 15 years that he was with us. He is already terribly missed and will, I'm afraid, be for a long time to come.